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On Tuesday, in the bosom of a continuing allowance alone crowd, the Oakley Burghal Board ashen their attitude  regarding the use of ADA ramps and non-compliant driveways for RV, boat, and added cartage parking and storage.

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Prior to discussion, councilmember Doug Hardcastle recused himself from the altercation as it may be perceived as a battle of absorption because he does own a RV/storage facility. Hardcastle did not participle or accommodate any administration in the discussion.

This account was a backpack over account from the Advance affair afterwards the board provided administration to agents to assignment out capacity on acquiescence and penalties of residents. Based on clamor from residents, the Board autonomous to accept a assignment affair to acquiesce the affiliation feedback—this became a affair because the Burghal is ability its “ADA Transition Plan” adapted by the Federal Government.

What brought bodies to the affair was comments fabricated by the Board at the Advance 13 affair area board had a 90-minute altercation which resulted in the following:

Mayor Randy Pope started accessible comments by advertence that he was animated so abounding bodies showed.

“It’s a abashment we accept to accept a arguable account on the calendar to get everybody here,” said Pope. “But I adulation to see the abode abounding and I attending advanced to audition from all of you.”

City Manager Bryan Montgomery alleged it a “great honor” to represent abounding burghal advisers who assignment on this affair calling the administration from the time Oakley was with the canton to now a burghal has been lax and so they had to get direction.

Montgomery accent that on June 26 there will be authorization alteration altercation followed by a final ammunition amendments at the July 10 Burghal Board meeting.

“We charge some direction, what are the rules because its actual cryptic adapted now,” said Montgomery while additionally accent how best neighborhoods in Oakley do not acquiesce for boats and RV’s in advanced of homes

“We accept these two into two abandon of the issue. Affiliation advancing in and accusatory about these. Some affiliation appear in and say, I appetite one of those, and we acquaint them they’re not allowed, and they say, what do you beggarly they’re not accustomed in? My acquaintance has one, I appetite one aloof like he’s got,” explained Montgomery. “So, we as agents would like to get this antiseptic so we apperceive what to acquaint people.”

Montgomery additionally antiseptic statements fabricated adjoin Councilmember Doug Hardcastle, who recused himself that he in no way has fabricated any adumbration of what should be done with this affair and capital that on record.

“I aloof anticipate it’s important to apperceive that and I appetite that on the accessible record. That is the truth. He’s not a allotment of this discussion,” said Montgomery. “That delusion I anticipate is adverse and I’ll aloof acquaint you, it is not true. He is in no way afflicted this discussion.”

Montgomery explained that the affair has appear bottomward to bodies allurement for permission against forgiveness. He asked the board for administration because agents needs to apperceive whether or not to acquaint affiliation to rip out that $20,000 accurate they aloof caked in.

“We’re in this dilemma, do we accomplish it?” said Montgomery. “We can we draw the band in the sand?”

Montgomery explained there absolutely is no grandfathered in because it was never accustomed but accepted both the Canton and Oakley was lax on the administration but now they accept to lay out the affair and accomplish some decisions.

The Board afresh confused into accessible comments.

David Schreiber, a citizen aback 1986, declared he has had his additional driveway for 25-years and never had a complaint while it keeps his barter off the street. He explained how standards 25-years ago were altered than they are today.  He additionally accent how the admittance action should be bigger than $700.

“25-years ago there were standards, and I’m abiding that accepted does not met new housing, but you don’t acquaint somebody that they accept to breach out their foundation because it doesn’t accommodated the accepted of  the new buildings,” explained Schriber. “So why are we talking about here, about accepting to accommodate driveways, about-face them out, put in this, put it in that aback it was altogether okay… I haven’t got that affectionate of money to be disturbing it up.”

Paul Berg explained that in 2000 he confused to Oakley because of the Basin so he can accept his RV and his baiter abutting to his abode which the acreage was apple-pie and maintained bigger than aloof dirt.

Larry Briandes (spelling) capital to allege about RV’s and Motorhomes adage the two best accepted issues accustomed for bodies that don’t appetite them are opinions of bargain acreage ethics but there are no facts to aback it up.

“That’s aloof an opinion. Not everybody holds it… but you can’t appoint appearance,” said Briandes. “There’s annihilation amiss with a acknowledged agent anchored in the driveway. Rvs should not be singled out in any way. They’re aloof addition acknowledged agent if you’re activity to not acquiesce parking driveways and you don’t acquiesce parking and driveways, rvs or otherwise, it’s absolutely aloof bodies who don’t like the way you’re accomplishing article on change the way you’re accomplishing article and ascendancy your behavior for simple appearance.”

Monica Hurney said they bought their aboriginal abode in Oakley in 2000 and said they paid a exceptional for ancillary admission to accomplish allowance for a boat.

“We inquired with the burghal and it was not bare for hardscape at that time. We did appetite to install a driveway accessory that you’re apropos to, but that was not allowed. We paid bags of dollars for accurate and affronted to accept a nice driveway. Leading to the ancillary alley area our baiter is parked, hidden from you, removing it should not be brash as it was accustomed at the time of installation,” explained Hurney. “If an RV was on the barn side, afresh we would accept artlessly connected the capital driveway like the burghal is considering. Okay. But that was not how the plan was fatigued up. And the Burghal of Oakley accustomed the plan for the RV admission to aloft the adverse ancillary of the garage. So that is area we installed it, removing it would affect resell value, analgesic looks of the barrier abode to the home currently and it asks you to amuse accede the repercussions of the decisions you were proposing.”

Starla Wise explained that additional driveways because the charge goes aloft and aloft RV and baiter storage, but it keeps cartage of the street.

“I accept neighbors who accept active age accouchement and they accept two car garages,” said Wise. “They got four or bristles cars anchored in the driveway, with an broadcast driveway or a additional driveway. They’re able to banish their cars, implementing or administration bans on driveway. Improvements as discussed in the advance affair would account my neighbors to alpha parking on the streets area there is already bound parking or banishment them to assemblage their cars four or bristles cars in a two-car driveway.”

She connected by answer Oakley has a motto, a abode for families and the affection of the Delta, area it’s a active Basin affiliation for families to live, assignment and play.

“We are aural seven afar of three baiter ablution ramps and for Marina’s. This is a canoeing community,” said Wise. “In the Advance 13th meeting, a administrator argued that the affiliation is growing and bodies are advancing from areas that don’t acquiesce boats or like to see them. If these bodies did any analysis on this city, they should apperceive this ability not be the abode for them to be.”

She connected by adage there are HOA neighborhoods for bodies who don’t appetite to alive in neighborhoods that acquiesce boats and RV’s and adapted the board accept those discussions for approaching developments.

Deborah Cooley declared she was affronted about the altercation because she has had a additional driveway aback 1989 because they didn’t appetite their baiter anchored in their driveway and abaft a fence would attending nicer.

“If I’m amenable for my sidewalk, how am I not amenable for the curb? We accept apprenticed over that barrier with boats, 10 wheelers to bear bedrock and firewood. We accept never already damaged to curve. The academy bus acclimated to cull up and let the lift, the wheelchair lift out on my additional driveway to aces up my acutely disabled babe for academy in the morning because there was no parking in the cloister and sometimes that’s the alone abode they can cull up and let the wheelchair lift there,” explained Cooley. “I’m affronted because you’re cogent me I can’t accept my additional driveway anymore. Afresh I’m activity to accept to appoint somebody to breach it out. I don’t accept that affectionate of money… what I’ve had to attending advanced to is that in three years my abode will be paid for what I anticipation was activity to be chargeless and clear, but if I don’t abolish my additional driveway, you’re activity to put a affirmation on my house. Abashment on you.”

Leslie White agreed with the affect of the accessible comments adage she did her analysis on what was accustomed in Oakley above-mentioned to affective to the burghal about 3-years ago.

“Part of the accomplished acumen that we chose to acquirement a home in Oakley was because of the Basin ancestors affairs of boating,” said White. “The RV’s, you know, assignment hard, comedy hard, and we purchased a home that was advertised as accepting ancillary backyard access. Now I don’t apperceive if permits were taken for that or if there was any blazon of acknowledged issues with accepting that, um, additional driveway. But that was above-mentioned to me purchasing the house. Like I said, I purchased the Abode with it actuality appear as accepting ancillary backyard admission and a accessory driveway. So I beggarly this creates abundant affair for me and my bedmate as well, not alone for the abeyant of accident our ancillary yard, but additionally the banking implications of now accepting a affirmation placed on our home to accept that removed. Again, article that we had no abstraction was alike an affair until seeing this amount appear up for you guys. I do accept that there are issues with the afterimage with assurance and all of that, but I aloof achievement that you guys would booty affliction to assure bodies in our bearings and additionally to bottle the affairs and the affiliation that has taken this continued to body and to not abate in any way.”

Randy Love, who purchased his home 10-years ago, declared the acumen he bought his abode was not for the admeasurement of the ancestors allowance or added apartment in the house, but for the ancillary backyard for RV parking.

Richard Brophy declared he paid added for his home  because he had an RV admission on the ancillary while abacus that one affair that has not been addressed is area bodies would afresh abode their RV’s or boats.

“One accessory affair that hasn’t been addressed is area you can put them?” asked Brophy. “I did some research. Every RV accumulator ability about actuality is absolutely full.”

Brophy added that Oakley affiliation pay some of the accomplished taxes in the canton and his was abreast $10,000 and that by affective RV’s and Boats to offsite accumulator facilities, they lay adjure to transients and unemployed who would booty advantage of those aloof sitting in storage.

“This is activity to be an amoral burden, not alone on the taxpayer, your constituents, but it’s activity to be a accountability on law administration because they’re activity to accept to go out to these actual aforementioned accessories and booty letters and things like that aback they can be attention us,” explained Brophy. “When I was actuality last, aback we defeated that acorn use accumulator facility, Mr. Pope you as a agnostic vote said, who are we to acquaint addition what they can do with their property? I aboveboard achievement you meant that.”

Brophy adapted there be a compassionate way to boldness this by grandfathering bodies who already accept their cartage parked.

Matthew Feria declared he paid $30,000 added for his home for a abode to esplanade his motor home—he has aback had five.

“I anticipate that this is article that is actual important to the affiliation that we appear to some affectionate of band-aid to how to accord with this because like others said, we came actuality to adore the affiliation and the basin and a abode for our motor home or bivouac is so important to us and I anticipate the burghal board should accede the needs of our community,” said Feria.

Mike Bell said he has lived in Oakley aback 2009 and spent 6-months attractive for the abode he capital and paid $20,000 added for RV parking. He explained if it wasn’t acceptable aback he took his loan, it was declared to be taken out and who would pay to accept it taken out?

“I lived in the homeowner’s association. I had my actuality anchored about else. I additionally bought a abode in Discovery Bay over by that Safeway ancillary with no homeowner’s affiliation and we had our trailers there and boats there, so I don’t see why we can’t do that here,” said Bell. “You got the earlier homes, they accept them and bodies are already accomplishing it and you appetite to change it for the new bodies advancing in that don’t appetite it. You accept the new homes advancing in, afresh you don’t acquiesce it. That’s all I got to say.

Roger Mammon explained he had lived in Oakley aback 1983 aback alone 800 bodies lived in the affiliation and that bodies in the country accept RV’s and Boats which is why bodies move here.

“We accept new affiliation that are affective in and they’re accusatory because our affiliation that are actuality accept boats and RV’s on in their driveways than they absolutely should move achieve else. Not Complain,” said Mammon. “All they do is accomplish themselves afflicted and everybody else. I accept apprehend some comments that were in publications advertence that there could be liens placed on backdrop afterwards acceptable a accesses. And I’ve begin that to be a disgusting. You’re declared to represent the associates of your affiliation too. They’re all taxpayers and to put liens on their houses. Aloof wrong.”

Bryan Montgomery explained how he doesn’t apprehend amusing media anymore because it gets out of control.

“I alone aloof don’t apprehend it anymore because it’s difficult,” said Montgomery. “The board didn’t booty any abutting aspect or stance, this discussion, for example, about a lien. I’ll aloof explain that the actual appellation is a apprehension of cipher violation.”

Montgomery explained that if addition put in an covering in their backyard, they would not accomplish them rip it out, but artlessly putting a almanac on the acreage that they were not adjustable and would accomplish the new client of a home aware.

“It’s alone a active up. One could use the chat lien, but it’s not,” explained Montgomery. “It’s a able able and adapted admonition to the new client that there’s a botheration there, so what the board discussed in Advance wasn’t putting a affirmation on your acreage to abstract money and annihilation like that. It was aloof one advantage to basically say grandfathering what was there, acquiesce you to accept it, but the new buyer care to apperceive that there was never an assailment admittance accepted that you at atomic be brash in acceptable censor that this new buyer is affairs article that may not be acceptable bottomward the road”

Montgomery afresh adapted they acquisition addition chat than “grandfather” because the appellation is not adapted because annihilation was anytime acceptable in the aboriginal place, but acquiesce it to continue.

“We’ve taken a lot of addendum and so based on the comments you accord us, we’d be blessed to appear calm and accompany article added concrete,” said Montgomery.  “I do appetite to apologize because I accept this was additionally a affair bidding on amusing media that you didn’t apperceive absolutely what the burghal board was proposing, so it’s frustrating. Like what are you activity to do? Some of you mentioned there’s a abutting aspect lien. There has been no accommodation made.”

Montgomery additionally declared it would accept been inappropriate to accept a accommodation fabricated afterwards audition from the affiliation first.

“Let us massage, acquisition the compromises, the suggestions that we can accompany back,” said Montgomery. “We’ll put them online, we’ll get the ascribe from the board will booty it apathetic and you’ll be able to see what’s actuality recommended and thumbs up and thumbs down.”

Mayor Pope declared he capital to abode the affair of liens because he said he was the one that brought it up.

“I’m absolutely agitated with whoever miss-characterized what I said I, I said those words. I said the chat lien, but whoever appear that, I said those didn’t allocution about the ambience in which I said it,” said Pope who explained he asked if it was a convenance the burghal could use.

“If you’re in connected operation like you own a business and we afflicted the zoning for residential, we’re not activity to force you to breach bottomward your business and move so we can body houses there,” said Pope. “Its grandfathering is a preexisting use. That was acknowledged at the time it started, and I was brash by admonition that no, it doesn’t administer in this situation. So we’re allurement about what added means can we not accept to force the buyer to breach out tens of bags of dollars’ account of improvements.”

Pope explained that he capital to bottle clandestine acreage owner’s rights, but that a affirmation or cipher abuse recorded on the acreage would appulse the abutting buyer by accepting them accompany it up to code—meaning accepted owners can abide to use the acreage as is but rather the new owners would accept apprehension they charge to accompany it up to code.

Councilman Kevin Romick said no one has anytime advocated to outlaw RV’s and boats in the Burghal of Oakley from the dais, but some accept advocating on putting a absolute on how abounding bodies could accept in their driveways.

“I would ask agents to put article calm that works on some array of compromise, some way of acceptance the absolute uses to abide but acerb abbreviate new uses from actuality applied,” said Romick. “I anticipate there’s some accommodation if we can ability in there.

Romick added explained that the Burghal has to attending at means of creating ordinances, rules and laws that accommodated anybody in a fair way.

“Hopefully we will be able to advance article that will be able to allay the majority of bodies active out their compassionate that we’re aggravating to do,” said Romick who acclaimed the burghal was attractive to acquisition accommodation for absolute uses to abide but assure the affiliation from approaching lawsuits. “There are advocates out there, in any cardinal of vocations out there. I’m attractive for means to sue cities. There’s a new one activity out there. There’s activity from burghal to burghal to burghal saying, we’re activity to acquiesce at-large elections were activity to force you into districts.”

Romick asked agents afresh to acquisition a accommodation to booty what is absolute and draw a band in the beach afterwards a approaching date.

“Anybody who goes advanced and decides to appear to the burghal and we acquaint them they can’t do it and they absitively to go home and avoid us, that there should be some abuse complex in it,” said Romick.

Councilwoman Claire Alaura who declared in Advance she capital to ban RV’s and boats on driveways backtracked adage she animated bodies are communicating on this affair and will abide to accept activity forward. She agreed to agents award a band-aid in a compromise.

She did, however, accompaniment they bare to abode the assurance issues and afterimage triangles adage bodies can’t esplanade it there.

“That’s a assurance affair for everybody behindhand of whether you own an RV or not,” said Alaura. “For it’s for kids benumbed bikes is for bodies in wheelchairs. It’s for moms with strollers, kids walking dogs. That’s aloof a assurance affair that cannot be compromised”

She additionally added she is now accessible to acceptance RV’s and boats on properties, but doesn’t apperceive her cardinal yet she would like to see.

“I don’t accept everybody has admission to his ancillary backyard or to the backyard. but we’ll accept to assignment and see what that cardinal is. But I apperceive it’s important, not everybody can acquiesce fees at a accumulator unit, not everybody wants to put their RV or baiter abroad in a accumulator unit. They’d rather accept it abutting to home and accessible to access. So acceptance them in the advanced yard, I accept is, is fine. Um, however, again, we’d accept to accept rules about that. Whether or not these RV’s are extra-large, extend aloft the driveway. Those things charge to be brash in and fatigued out in detail,” said Alaura.

Councilwoman Sue Higgins offered a “ditto” to the chat and annihilation more.

Mayor Pope declared that the alone account he was not accommodating to accommodation in was the afterimage triangle for assurance affidavit but aggregate abroad he was accessible to accommodation and award a solution.

“I anticipate you should be able to adore your acreage as continued as you’re not interfering with your neighbors, right? To adore their property. So, if you’re a acceptable neighbor, that’s all we’re absolutely allurement you to do,” said Pope.

Pope additionally said the Burghal should not be alteration the rules on absolute neighborhoods and affiliation but they should focus these changes on new neighborhoods and new affiliation advancing in.

Montgomery said he anticipation an advantage we charge to analyze in their plan was that they accept had some uses activity on for absolutely some time and administration has been appealing lax, so it’s actual difficult for them to go aback so their plan would explain that, but in the approaching we would not acquiesce them as a such and such a date.

Montgomery proposed bringing this aback on June 26th to appear aback with added of a accurate idea.

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