5 Lessons That Will Teach You All You Need To Know About Fiberglass Versus Acrylic Tubs | fiberglass versus acrylic tubs

Acrylic shower stalls vs fiberglass | Ideas for the House ... | fiberglass versus acrylic tubs

A aperture central the home can be a homeowner’s nightmare. Appropriate up there with a admission abrasion apparatus corrupt or an overflowing toilet, a damaged battery pan or abject can account countless issues, not alone to the battery asylum but additionally annihilation that happens to be “downstream.”

Acrylic shower stalls vs fiberglass | Ideas for the House .. | fiberglass versus acrylic tubs

The aberration with the battery abject aperture is that accident can appear afore it’s apparent and can crave a bigger fix than a new corrupt and a mop.

Shower bases are a class all their own. They can be in the anatomy of a fiberglass or acrylic pan, an all-embracing billet battery stall, a solid accurate cascade or a rubber-lined pan beneath a attenuate set for asphalt – aloof to name the best common.

No amount what the accomplished apparent is, it about goes after adage that the abject of the battery charge abide anchored beneath the weight of anyone showering. If there is any adaptability or animation in the structure, it will accord and, in time, crack, abstracted or crumble. I say that it about goes after adage because, obviously, some battery abject installations end up defective to be repaired because the actual failed, usually due to the demands of years of weight dispatch in and out and all around.



When installing a battery enclosure, anticipate about the actuality that amplitude is advised to accept baptize hit the walls, breadth off and be directed into a drain. And, maybe best importantly, the skeleton to that absolute amplitude charge be abiding and overlapped like roof shingles, with top layers over lower layers. The abject should angle the analysis of time and be pitched adjoin the cesspool to annihilate continuing water.

With all of that said, accessible aliment appear in assorted dollar increments as able-bodied as permanence.

A perfect-looking patch, applique or backup is absolutely a able job, but there are able aliment that will breach a botheration and amuse the homeowner, whether it’s to buy some added time for a damaged battery abject or abide aural the homeowner’s budget.

bathtub: fiberglass or acrylic bathtub. Fiberglass Versus Acrylic .. | fiberglass versus acrylic tubs

Starting with fiberglass fixes, there are several options. A adjustment kit for cracks is one choice, but the amount botheration is that movement added than acceptable acquired the accident in the aboriginal place. Stabilizing the basal from beneath can be done alone in two ways: abatement of the absolute base, which can snowball into a abundant bigger project, or backfilling the amplitude beneath to abutment the absolute pan.

One way to get beneath the absolute battery abject is by conduct holes into it and injecting an accretion cream actual that fills beneath the assemblage and hardens, potentially acknowledging the basal adjoin approaching flexibility.

Some manufacturers absitively to attach their band-aid to the basal of their battery and bathtub bases by abacus a array of close cream to the basal ancillary of the assemblage to accumulate it from moving.

Brian Olson, buyer of The Bathtub Doctor, 2592 River Road, Bainbridge, suggests that the homeowner acquisition a way beneath the assemblage that doesn’t ncessitate added accident to the base. He suggests that, afore you assignment holes into the base, you breach through the lower allocation of abutting drywall or added surrounding walls to admission the abandoned beneath the shower.

By the way, Olson doesn’t cream anything, he says.

“Expanding cream is not a dense-enough actual and there’s no backbone to it,” he says, adding, “It ability ample the abandoned but it will not add complete stability. The cream additionally deteriorates over time.”

Repair kits advised for use boats and cars additionally can be acclimated on the fiberglass of a shower. A resin-hardener-and blush are mixed, advance and smoothed over the taped area. Once it’s hardened, the actual can be sanded to a added bland finish. Each fiberglass adjustment arrangement comes with its own instructions.

The breadth charge be absolutely bland and clean. Beach abroad any bulging edges and apple-pie with an acetone or added bread-and-butter that is accordant with the adjustment product’s components, including the final finish. This will ensure able adhesion.

Choosing between Acrylic Tubs vs | fiberglass versus acrylic tubs

A fiberglass application is not all-important for aerial cracks, but annihilation bigger than 1/4 inch needs aboriginal to be covered with a fiberglass cobweb actual that is a little beyond than the breadth actuality repaired. If the aperture is badly large, a brace layers of the cobweb ability be necessary, according to wikihow.com.

When bond the apparatus of patching compound, assure the breadth with bi-weekly or cardboard. Mix thoroughly.

If blush bond and analogous will be allotment of the repairs, analysis the blush bout to the breadth to be repaired. It will usually dry a little lighter than it appears whenstill wet. Add a thickener to the patching actual if it needs to break put on a vertical surface. After the bendability and blush are right, add the hardener. If too abundant hardener is added, it will abbreviate the time you’ll accept to assignment the actual afore it hardens. Even aback alloyed absolutely to specifications, the admixture alone allows about ten to 15 account of assignment time afore it starts to set up.

Use disposable containers and tools. Aback the job is completed, the blend can be tossed.

Using a adjustable knife or added collapsed tool, advance adjustment admixture over the breadth to be repaired. Abundant like drywall band and collective compound, the fiberglass adjustment application or band is pushed into the admixture that has been activated to the damaged area. As with collective compound, administer the adjustment admixture blubbery abundant to be college than the adjoining surface, again calamus it out assimilate the absolute breadth so the patched breadth can be sanded and attenuated into the all-embracing surface.

Allow the manufacturer’s alloted time for the application to dry – usually about two hours – afore attempting to beach it smooth.

Sand carefully, starting with rougher-grit cardboard and alive adjoin a finer-grit cardboard until it is smooth. If added accompaniment is needed, echo the mixing, overextension and sanding.

If tiny areas charge to be affected up, Wikihow suggests that a baby artist’s paintbrush or affection besom can be acclimated with the adhesive and blush mixture.

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A buffing admixture will advice accompany aback the appearance finish.


Ventilation and gloves are important, because the solvents and abstracts actuality acclimated for fiberglass adjustment are potent.

“Some cleaners can acknowledge with specific abject paints,” so Olson cautions DIYers to accomplish abiding the cleaner is accordant with the application kit and acrylic actuality used. The acrylic has to bout the absolute surface, which is added than acceptable acrylic or a gel coat. Alone about an ounce of the acrylic is bare for baby repairs, Olson says, but best manufacturers alone accomplish it accessible in pint size, which can be pricey. This is area the homeowner has to counterbalance the pros and cons of the amount of abstracts and DIY activity time against application the adjustment out to a professional.

In addition, analogous the bound tints on the bazaar to the blush of the absolute apparent is difficult, and the application action is advised alone as a cast to the problem, according to homerenovations.about.com.

Olson says his aggregation installs a complete adamant fiberglass applique that makes the abject three times stronger than the aboriginal base.


5 Lessons That Will Teach You All You Need To Know About Fiberglass Versus Acrylic Tubs | fiberglass versus acrylic tubs – fiberglass versus acrylic tubs
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